Tantra of good luck

This message has been sent to you as a wish of good luck.

Instructions for life:

a.. Eat a lot of brown rice

b.. Give to people more than they expect and do it with grace

c.. Learn by heart your favorite poem

d.. Do not believe everything you hear, do not spend all you have and
do not sleep as much as you would like

e.. When you say “I love you”, mean it

f.. When you say “I am sorry” look at the other in the eyes

g.. Keep an engagement of at least six months before getting married

h.. Believe in love at first sight

i.. Do not ever make fun of other peoples dreams

j.. Love deeply and with passion. You may get hurt but it is the only
way to live life fully.

k.. In case of disagreements be fair. Do not offend

l.. Do not judge others by their parents

m.. Speak slowly but think fast

n.. If someone asks you a question you do not want to answer, smile

o.. Remember that the biggest loves and major successes entail greater risks

p.. Call your mother

q.. Say “bless you” if someone sneezes

r.. When you lose, do not forget the lesson

s.. Remember the three R’s: Respect towards yourself, Respect towards others
and Responsibility for all your actions

t.. Do not allow a small misunderstanding to damage a big friendship

u.. When you realize you have made a mistake, correct it immediately

v.. Smile when you answer the phone, who calls you will hear it in
your voice

w.. Get married with a man/woman that likes conversation. When you are old,
your ability to converse will be more important than any other

x.. Spend some time in solitude

y.. Open your arms to change, but do not throw away your values

z.. Remember that silence sometimes is the best answer

aa.. Read more books and watch less TV

ab.. Live a good and honourable life. Later on when you will be old and you
will remember the past, you will see that you will be able to live
it a second time

ac.. Trust in God but lock your car

ad.. A loving mood at home is important. Do everything you can to create a
loving, harmonious and relaxed atmosphere

ae.. When in disagreement with your loved ones, give importance to the present

af.. Do not bring up the past

ag.. Read between the lines

ah.. Share your friends, it is a way to reach immortality

ai.. Be kind with the Earth

aj.. Pray, there is an immense power in prayer

ak.. Do not ever interrupt one that shows you affection or kindness

al.. Take care of your business am.. Do not trust a man or a woman that does
not close their eyes when you kiss them

an.. Once a year visit a place you have never been before

ao.. If you make a lot of money give to help others while you are still
alive. This is the best satisfaction that good fortune can give you

ap.. Remember that not obtaining what you want is sometimes a strike of

aq.. Learn all the rules and then infringe some

ar.. Remember that the best relationship is the one in which the love between
two people is bigger than the need you have for one another

as.. Judge your success in relation to what you must renounce to obtain it

at.. Love and cook with some abandonment

au.. You’ve got to sing like nobody’s listening

av.. You’ve got to love like you’ll never get hurt

aw.. You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching

ax.. You’ve got to live like it’s heaven on Earth!”